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Michele Powers’ life purpose is to empower executive and professional women to live a successful life more fully attuned to who they are and what brings them meaning so that they can move powerfully forward and create a thriving life that is on purpose and supports their inner vision.

Michele’s experience and passion place her in a unique, invaluable position to understand your life and the challenges you face as an executive or professional career woman and mother.    Her tools and life experience will support you in creating a life you love.

Michele is a Certified Life Purpose and Success Coach, by the Life Purpose Institute© an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited institution. In addition, Michele has almost 20 years of experience (over 10 as a partner) in a large 900+ attorney corporate law firm handling high stakes trials, litigation and dispute resolution.   She understands corporate environments and the pressures and rewards of a thriving career.  Michele is also a single mom of a lively 9 year old son and knows firsthand about the stress and joy of having a fulltime profession and family.  Her credentials also include being a Karuna Reiki Master®.  She utilizes Reiki healing energy, flower essences, meditation and creative visualization techniques to assist her clients.

Michele believes that everyone can live a happier more successful life on their own terms. She knows because she has done it with several major life altering decisions throughout her life. It takes commitment to yourself and to change to make it happen.   Having Michele committed to your success as your coach will ensure your commitment to change and exponentially increase your ability to make the changes you want.   Talk to Michele and get going now.

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When you are happy, you:

  • have more love in your life,
  • make more money,
  • have more friends, and
  • live longer – science has shown this to be true.

Living on purpose is courageous and empowering. Working with Michele you will be empowered to live your best life and create in simple easy steps the success and happiness you deserve.

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KwanYin250Why is having a strong coach so important for success?

There are a lot of reasons why successful people rely on their coaches and mentors for assistance in creating positive change in their lives. Sometimes you need a clear mirror to be able to really see and understand yourself, your patterns and blocks.    Michele has many powerful tools, including the Life Purpose Process®, to help you move through self-defeating behaviors or emotions that stand in your way.

Other times, you may be so busy and stressed that you honestly do not know what you want or remember who you truly are.   We call that being on the merry-go-round.   Its fun when it starts but after a while you feel like its speeding up and you just wish you could hit pause for a moment.  Michele can help you to get that pause button working again with quick and fun exercises to reconnect with your core values and to remember what brings real meaning to your life.

Sometimes those who are closest to us have the most difficult time with our decision to change. While they want what is best for us, our change can be difficult and disrupting for our friends and loved ones.  They prefer the status quo – change is uncomfortable and hard especially when you are not the one deciding to change.  You may find that these friends and relatives either consciously or unconsciously sabotage your efforts.   For example, have we not all had the well meaning friend encourage us to have that brownie or piece of dessert (Oh, go ahead, you deserve it!) when she knows we are seriously on a diet?  That is not helpful!   That is another key reason why having a coach, mentor, and cheerleader committed to your success is so vital not just in making a plan but in its execution and completion.

Michele is fully committed to her client’s success and stands firmly behind you, cheering you on and gently holding you accountable to your vision, plans and goals. Coaching with Michele will help you create and live an authentic life where you are true to who you are and live “on purpose”.   She can assist you to increase your success, happiness and sense of well-being.