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11 Tips to Foster Belonging

Posted by Susan Dix in Practice, Tools

Do you belong at work or in your professional or community organizations? I am asking about your subjective, internal experience of belonging. Feeling as if you are accepted as yourself.   Are you accepted? Do you belong? Or, are you merely fitting in? Effective leadership nurtures…

Top Ten Ways to Lower Stress

Posted by Susan Dix in Tools

The most prevalent complaints in our high-paced, high impact culture are somehow related to stress.  From the ongoing, regular stress that comes from professional 24/7 demands, beastly traffic and non-stop plugged-in living, to specific life events that knock us for a loop, the impact of…

Want a Simple Tool for Fixing Your Mindset?

Posted by Susan Dix in Tools

It is officially Spring, which makes it a perfect time to check in on your progress for the year. How is your 2017 so far? Moving towards your goals and accomplishing what you want? Relationships positive and healthy? How is your mindset on an average day?  Content? Be…