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Karuna Connect | Simple Chakra Balancing Meditation

Simple Chakra Balancing Meditation

Simple Chakra Balancing Meditation

Posted by admin in Practice 27 Feb 2016

Count to Nine Decree

By the Ascended Maser Cuzco


(Visualize white light surrounding your body.)

Come now by love divine,

Guard thou this soul of mine,

Make now my world all thine,

God’s light around me shine.


(Visualize a band of white light around the solar plexus.)

I count one,

It is done.

O feeling world, be still.

Two and three,

I AM free,

Peace, it is God’s will.


(Visualize a band of white light around the neck and throat chakra.)

I count four,

I do adore

My Presence all divine,

Five and six,

O God, affix

My gaze on these sublime.


(Visualize a band of white light around the head and third eye.)

I count seven,

Come, O heaven,

My energies take hold.

Eight and nine,

Completely thine,

My mental world enfold.


(Visualize the white light encircling all of the chakras and your body.)

The white-fire light now encircles me,

All riptides are rejected;

With God’s own might around me bright

I AM by love protected.


I accept this done now with full power.

I AM this done now with full power.

I AM, I AM, God-life expressing perfection all ways at all times.

This which I call forth for myself I call forth

for every man, woman, and child on this planet.

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