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Karuna Connect | A Powerful Vision Requires Imagination

A Powerful Vision Requires Imagination

A Powerful Vision Requires Imagination

Posted by Susan Dix in Practice 21 Feb 2017


Imagination is the key to building whatever it is that you want in life. Vision, through your imagination, is how you create whatever it is you experience.   I work with individuals to develop a positive coherent vision for their life. Positive is key. Because just as your imagination or vision can create what you want, if you are focused on the negative or focusing on “what ifs” that could go wrong, then you can create those as well.

Thoughts become things. The Law of Attraction is real. Imagination is the cornerstone for visioning your way into the life you want to live.

In looking for inspiration this morning, I opened a book that I love.  I want to share with you the page that fell open for me to read.  I hope it brings you some positive creativity and inspiration.



“[I]magination can open countless paths, build entire civilizations, and allow us to create our dreams come true. If we can see or visualize what we want to create, that becomes possible. If we can imagine a thing, it can be implemented. Our creativity is determined by our ability to dream, using our imagination.

If a person, a society, or a culture loses its ability to imagine, it will die a stagnant death- due to lack of creativity. If you believe you are not creative, you are holding on to a lie. Every human being has to create in order to live. We all create when we are problem solving, working, making a meal, using artistic ability, or walking through life. Every form of expression is creativity, and all creative skills can be developed. The secret to excellence is repeating the process as our skill develops.

If you have a problem imagining, just pretend. If you cannot pretend; pretend you can pretend. This will open the doors to dreaming and imagining again, allowing you to rediscover the creativity inside the Self.” *

Take some time this week to allow for creativity, imagination and dream time.  Ask yourself, “What is it I want to create in my life?”  Then be quite and listen inside for your answer.  It may take a few times and some practice and patience.  Write down what you hear or see in your journal.  Trust that you are on the correct path.

If you are feeling a bit unsure or off balance and wanting some help – click here to talk.  Let’s get your creativity working towards a life you desire.


*The above passage is by Jamie Sams, Earth Medicine Ancestors’ Ways of Harmony for Many Moons, p. 278 (1994).


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