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Creating a Little Peace For You…

Creating a Little Peace For You…

Posted by Susan Dix in Resilience 03 Dec 2016

this Holiday Season

A lot of changes are going on right now in our country and world. People are feeling buffeted about and at a loss of control. At least, I know I am feeling that way a bit more than usual. It is also winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and a new year. Now, when we have so much going on that we find it hard to catch our breath, is also the time when we need to make sure to slow down enough to recharge and take care of ourselves. I know – it’s a paradox, as with many important truths.

How are you taking care of yourself?

The fact is our society is not designed for inner-connected self-care. Our focus is expected to be on the outward blur of taking care of business, our careers, our families and external obligations. The majority of us are not taught how to connect with our deeper knowing and to use this to create a wholehearted, abundant life.   We are not taught how to recognize and take advantage of the natural rhythms that our bodies crave. The stillness. The contemplation. All of this is something we each individually learn how to prioritize for ourselves.

Those who do make time for inner connection will come out ahead.   You will be happier. It is that simple.

When you are most busy, most in the whirl of obligation, change and expectation of the upcoming unknown in this New Year – that is the time to make the time to slow down and take care of yourself.

“I don’t have time to slow down,” you exclaim! But seriously, if you do not take care of you, no one will.   You know that, so make the time.

Why is self-care so vitally important right now?

Well, for one it is the season – we are in winter, which is the season for slowing down your internal cycles and being introspective. Think hibernation. I know we are not bears (thankfully), but we still have annual cycles and energetic patterns that our bodies require a response to for maintenance of vitality and overall health. Mental, physical and spiritual health.

Now is the time your body craves more sleep. More dream time. Now is the time for journaling, turning inward and listening to your intuition, your higher Self – whatever it is that you want to call your inner guidance system.   Yes, if you are not sure, you have one – we all do.

What I am describing – this making time for stillness and self-care – is at odds, I know, with what our impulses are as Americans. We all go forward with an outward push looking for success and creating it on the outside. That’s good. However, if you want success with meaning for you – start with 10 minutes a day focused on you.   You don’t need a lot of time to begin a practice that serves.

In the stillness is where you create, you see. That is where clarity arises and you can distill inspiration and an awareness of your path forward towards a life you desire. A life that resonates with what you want deep down. A life that is rich, full and successful.

I want that for you and for all of us this coming year. A life that is joyful, on purpose and abundant in all its aspects. Let me help you get there – you are worth it, and you are enough. Click here to get on my schedule so we can chat and move you forward.

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