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Michele Powers  is an international speaker and life changing, career enhancing motivator.  She brings an inspiring presence to the transformative messages and teachings in her work with attorneys, executives and leading professionals.

She is available for keynotes, lunch and learns or workshop breakout sessions.  Her work is interactive and powerful for attendees allowing for individual insights and action plans

Please contact us to discuss booking Michele and to determine what topics would be the best fit for your company retreat, a lunch and learn, or your seminar attendees.

Michele’s workshops and speeches can be tailored to your specific goals and audience needs.

Here are some recent topics:

Envisioning Your Leadership Success

Focusing on the central tenants of leadership with a review of emotional intelligence principals and collaborative team building. Michele addresses potential stumbling blocks, mindset issues and biases that could be holding leaders back.   Interactive exercises are provided for participants to better understand and retain these principals as well as create a meaningful vision for their future success as leaders.


Leadership Strategies for Women Lawyers–

Learn tips for stepping into your leadership ability and embracing your personal strengths to create success on your terms. An empowering experience and understanding of women leaders in law (or elsewhere).  How do you combat imposter syndrome (and what is that anyway) or your own and other’s unconscious cultural biases that are built in to traditional corporate/ law firm culture?  What are the decision making strengths women bring to a team or organization and how can these be supported?


Mindset and the Art of Leading

Intentions are the key to successful leadership. How do you maintain a mindset that supports your intentions for your success and that of your team?
Learn simple steps to circumvent setbacks and saboteurs to you and your team’s development, forward progress and ultimate success.


Creating a Collaborative Corporate Climate

Retention of talent is a key concern. Lateral jumps and executive/partner burn out are realities that have workable solutions. In this interactive workshop develop ideas for creating a corporate culture where your talent is supported and nurtured. How do you create a corporate culture that both fulfills associate and/or partner level expectations – whatever those may be – and furthers management goals?


The Parent Trap – Revelations on Walking the Line

Here we address the inherent complexity of life when you are both a parent and a success oriented professional.   Life balance is a beautiful ideal that becomes that much more challenging when little people (a.k.a. kids) enter your life.  Either as moms or dads there are many challenges to creating time and space for a thriving career, your health and wellbeing, a meaningful supportive relationship with your partner and time with those lovely little critters.  Learning effective practices for time management, effective boundary setting and clarity of your inner principals and vision are all indispensable.



tipslogoEnvisioning Your Leadership Success  at the Leadership Academy of the American Bar Association, Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, Fall Meeting, Coronado, CA  on Friday, October 21, 2016.