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Karuna Connect | Francisco Marquez

Francisco Marquez

Francisco Marquez

Posted by Susan Dix in 23 May 2017

I came to Michele when I was in the middle of a crisis I couldn’t push through. It affected every area of my life. I was stuck. For months, she worked with me, patiently, to readjust my perspective, to set achievable goals and held me accountable. I could not have found a better person to help me during this dark period. I have known Michele for 25 years, and have seen first-hand her natural aptitude for working with people, and uncanny ability to draw out the best in them. She is warm, vibrant and personable. Her probing curiosity makes her a perceptive and penetrating observer of people and dicey circumstances. During our sessions, her attention was never passive or casual, never wandering, but always directed. After each session I felt inspired, energized, and motivated. I can scarcely express how grateful I am to her for helping me regain my confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.

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