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Karuna Connect | Want a Simple Tool for Fixing Your Mindset?

Want a Simple Tool for Fixing Your Mindset?

Want a Simple Tool for Fixing Your Mindset?

Posted by Susan Dix in Tools 24 Mar 2017

It is officially Spring, which makes it a perfect time to check in on your progress for the year. How is your 2017 so far? Moving towards your goals and accomplishing what you want? Relationships positive and healthy? How is your mindset on an average day?  Content? Be honest with yourself. Are you good, or are you settling for less than what you want?

Of course, you know that you shouldn’t settle – we all do. We are, however, more likely to create diversions than seek meaningful change.  The classic, “I will do it later. The dog needs walking and I need to cut my nails and clean my desk…” Sound familiar? Most of us are experts at avoiding positive change.

Sometimes, we build up the changes we need to make in our mind until they are so big they feel insurmountable. Then we are stuck. Feeling cemented into unhappiness or discomfort. Change and improving your life do not need to be huge and overwhelming. Most times, small changes in habits and practices make a world of difference. Changes like the decision to get up 10 minutes earlier to meditate, or the choice to block off “no phone call” time on your schedule to increase your productivity. These are small efforts that can make a difference, and which are for some reason not easy for many of us to stick to long enough to form a habit.

It is so easy to get trapped and stay in a (fill in the blank- job/mindset/relationship (personal or professional)) much too long. The old “devil you know” conundrum. Or, perhaps it is simply inertia at work – things are “good enough”. Working on yourself, making a job change, or improving your relationships or work habits is not simple. However, it can be incredibly worthwhile.

Do you wish there was a magic pill to fix your life and make it what you desire? You are not alone, if you do. Many people would like their coaches or mentors to simply tell them what to do – a recipe for making their discomfort go away and their life better. Others can give you advice, and a good coach will help make transitions and changes much quicker and easier. They will have tools to help move you through the process. But, ultimately, you need to put in the effort to change your life. It is your life, after all, uniquely yours.

Whether we like it or not, we all have to do the work on ourselves that helps move us forward, get us back on track and unstuck. The positive side of this is that we generally value things more if we have to work for them. An abundant happy life is worth some effort. 

There is a simple tool that I highly recommend – a mantra for your daily meditation or for a mindset reset when addressing difficult situations during your day. It can help ease your way towards healing yourself, your relationships and just about every area of your life. This mantra with practice will help increase your emotional intelligence. It is premised on love and forgiveness – two key components of a happy successful existence.  

Click here to get this change tool now – (it will ask for your email, which will never be shared or sold, and that is it).

As with most things that assist you to move forward and get unstuck, it requires practice. It is not a magic pill, however, it is really powerful. Try it for a couple weeks or a month. Just see if it helps you. I found it helped me.



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